USF ETK Certificate Program

Work Showcase

Projects created throughout four courses in 2020.

ETK 603 - Made to Stick: Teaching with the Brain in Mind

Coursework highlighting how to create digital-learning narratives towards effective instruction using Heath brothers’ six principles: of "simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and stories."

In this pecha kucha screencast presentation, AAU students will learn from a librarian's perspective on the importance of research in their business and company information related projects.


Pecha Kucha Final Project

ETK 604 - Digital Storytelling Lab

Coursework introducing audio production essentials for education: recording, editing, mixing, and sharing content.

This “Library Research PSA” audio series is an extension and revision of the in-person Research Strategy Workshop offered by the AAU Library. When listening through this series, students will...

  • Learn about the nature of research;

  • Learn basic search strategies in the context of relevant AAU databases;

  • Recognize ways of critical thinking involved in effective evaluation of information.


Recording 1: Introducing Research (2:55)

ETK 604 Project Documentation.pdf

ETK 605 - Multimedia Learning

Coursework exploring cognitive load theory and Mayer's principles of multimedia learning towards creation of effective instructional materials.

In this final project, the multimedia learning technique of pretraining is proposed as a way to mitigate cognitive processing demands during library instruction of database search concepts. A pretraining segment intervention as part of the existing Research Strategy Workshop offered by AAU librarians is proposed and pilot tested here.

Pretraining pilot testing. Live Zoom session October 24, 2020.


ETK 606 - Media Lab

Coursework introducing best practices in visual communication through screencast creation.

In this video series, AAU EAP students will watch librarian-created content on what their AAU Library can do to support their creative work. The core message in each video and of the series as a whole: "Libraries can provide inspiration for your creative work as aspiring art and design professionals."

EBSCO Search Overview_Handout_Info.pdf
The Library of Not-so-secret Secrets_Handout_Ex.pdf